Digitization of lost data by staffBusiness owners face numerous challenges in running their business, managing their costs and using their resources most effectively. Documents from past years collecting dust could provide valuable insight into customers or past clients. Since this is only possible if the information is available in a usable format, it is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to unlock their lost or hidden data. Digitization is a valuable tool in overcoming this business challenge.

A Treasure Trove Through Digitization

A client came to us with over 14,000 important paper records. They needed to quickly access key information from these files in order to reach an important group of users.  Upcoming deadlines meant they needed that information within two weeks.  They looked into having current employees complete the task and quickly realized the Return On Investment didn’t make sense. Nor were staff equipped to complete or wanting to do days of data entry work. It would also mean all other operations would be put on hold.  Others they spoke with could not handle the volume on such a short turnaround. As a result of the records containing sensitive information, the work couldn’t be shipped overseas.  

A Treasure Trove Through Digitization

Because of these limitations, they approached YPITData with a plea to help. Our Data Specialists scanned, processed, and delivered over 14,000 records in a week. That’s quite a feat when you consider our quality assurance of 99.99%! No matter the size or complexity of the project, our elastic workforce model supports businesses from small to large. This ensures a cost effective, customized, and efficient digital solution. “We’re confident in meeting the dynamic needs of businesses in the form of scanning, back scanning, and the digitization of their documents.” said YPITData’s President, Omar Choudhry.

It’s never been more evident that even though technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds, the paper trail we amass is also growing at an unprecedented pace. The ability to make sense of all that data and keep it in an organized state is what allows business leaders to make accurate decisions.

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