In today’s world, post-secondary education is valued and often required to remain competitive for opportunities, but it’s the chance to gain “proven experience’ that provides the necessary differentiator and competitive advantage for new job seekers. As a recent article in the Financial Post noted, obtaining the right education and choosing a discipline in demand can ease the job search. But how do you set yourself apart from the competition?

The latest report, Education at a glance, from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development finds hard statistical facts that suggest higher education has been a fantastic defense against the unemployment line. For 25-34 year olds who did not complete secondary school, it resulted in an unemployment rate of 18.1% in 2011, with rising figures in 2013. Those with college and university degrees within the same age range resulted in a decreased unemployment rate of 6.8%!

Chairman of YPITData, Frank O’Dea, stated, “It’s obvious that without a strong foundation of skills and education, the next generation of workforce will find themselves particularly vulnerable in any insecure market. The greatest defense any youth can have today is not only education, but also the skills that pertain to the job they want in the future. One of our mandates at YPITData is to ensure that young professionals working for us receive this opportunity to better shape their future.

YPITData is focused on providing young professionals an opportunity to gain real-world skills, build a resume, and hone the tech savvy skills of the millennium generation for future success. “Our goal at YPITData is to bridge the gap between what skills available and the business acumen needed to be successful in today’s competitive job market”.

By bridging the gap between the theoretical knowledge learned in the educational system with practical and applied applications required by many organizations, YPITData is harnessing the strengths and skills towards guiding tomorrow’s leaders. “We are creating the environment where our employees can get exposure to a number of disciplines early on in life, identify interests and strengths, set career paths, and gain confidence that their learned skills can help them accomplish more than they may have thought or been told was possible”.

The Globe and Mail