Architectural drawings with various objects on the drawingsA City Building Department in SW Ontario is being supported by YPITData to digitize building permits and marked-up drawings. Staff normally locate the appropriate box, dig to find the roll and then unroll the bundle to find the drawing they were looking for. This effort is time-consuming. When drawings are taken a worksite and constantly handled, they begin to get damaged. Since drawings regularly being taken and returned, the potential for loss and misplacement is significant. Loss and damage is the enemy of legally marked-up reviews of building permits.

Benefits to the City

By digitizing the building permits, YPITData has helped fix these issues. City staff can quickly access any drawing for a building permit from their desk. Staff remotely access drawings from their tablet or mobile device while on the worksite. They don’t need to return to the office to collect drawings for every worksite they visit. When Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requests are received, they can efficiently provide a digital copy or printing new copies as required. The service also benefits organizations that wish to share data with stakeholders such emergency services.

How We Help the City with their Drawings

Each project is very easy to locate since it is organized by permit number. Drawings are individually named by the number and name to further ease search efforts. All files are saved in PDF or other desirable formats. YPITData quickly and cost-effectively digitizes large volumes of engineering and architecture drawings (e.g., 24″x36″ and 36″x48″). Our unique processes provide the highest of quality and file naming efforts available. Every record is checked and double-checked to provide 99.99% accuracy.

Great rates are available for all digitization efforts, whether dealing with regular letter-sized pages or engineering drawings. If you are thinking about how to make your department more efficient, please contact us for more information.

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About YPITData

YPITData does all of our work with a social conscious. We provide employment opportunities currently to students across the country through our digitization efforts as well as our online data entry work. Core to our business is our support in tackling the skills gap. We provide part-time employment opportunities to students during the year that allows them to maximize their time and focus on scholastic achievements. Through this model, YPITData has developed a dedicated and active group of employees. Our corporate commitment to our staff includes the contribution to an Education Savings Fund to help defray the cost of college or university.

Our initiative ensures that our staff can participate in work activities of interest to learn and enhance new skills, receive “life lesson” information about financial literacy and business etiquette, as well as simply gain exposure to different professional fields so they can be better informed about future career possibilities are important to YPITData and towards developing the next generation of business professionals.