Universities and colleges across the country are a hub of research and are active in conducting studies on all aspects of our lives. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for universities, colleges and their pool of faculty and researchers to harness the mass resources of our staff to complete needed tasks and provide tangible and authentic work experiences to their students. Our secure network and data encryption technology ensures that all documents are protected and remain confidential. YPITData meets with our clients to define the needed tasks, identify appropriate performance measures and project structure.

Be more efficient and effective!

Extract data easier

More and more data is being produced annually. The need to enter, process, update and manage this information requires both time and effort, leading to more money spent to handle this data. Whether this comes from paper surveys or feedback forms sent to your offices for processing or customer mailing lists that require updating, you could be doing more skilled tasks.

Our staff are extremely comfortable with typing and the data entry skills needed to update spreadsheets, databases and other types of lists. Our capability to apply a single resource or a dozen to help complete a task within a given timeframe helps those who encounter a time crunch for getting work done. The work stays in-country and protects your customers and clients from having their information sent overseas and potentially compromised. Turn your data into information and analyze your business operations with a full picture of the situation.

Unlock the data hidden in your paper

Without the digitizing and digital filing of documents, records are lost or forgotten, information is unavailable for quick search by researchers, and historical facts are hidden away. We offer a range of digitization services to help get out from under the clutter of banker boxes. We can help you save the annual expense of storing files and the cost of resources searching for old records. Our staff can help you digitize old files, catalogue and tag each document with keywords necessary to quickly search for the digital copy of files from the comfort of your desk. Turn that paper into information!

Operate more efficiently

One challenge most individuals face is trying to do all the “extra” jobs when it comes to searching and researching online for information. The number of hours spent are significant and the value of your time should be considered. Your time is usually better spent on the higher level analysis and review of information, not endlessly keying in data or culling search results. YPITData can organize teams of any size to best support your on-going projects and free you from the efforts that grind away at your sanity.

Canadian Common CV (CCV)

The Canadian Common CV (CCV) is required by federal, provincial and not-for-profit research funding organizations in applications for funding. Creating, managing and maintaining a copy of your CV in “machine language” XML format means more challenges in being able to quickly and effectively respond to funding opportunities. Remember making updates on a website rarely used certainly won’t be quick. And this is on top of the various other formats and standards that organizations require, as well as the template used by your academic institution, research organization or company, none of which are available out of the CCV system.

Creating your CCV, Hassle FreeTM

MyCCVTM was developed with the academic community in mind, to simplify and remove the hassle of creating and maintaining CVs. The value of your academic and research experience comes from being able to highlight to exceptional work and contribution you have made to your field. Protecting and promoting the content of your CV shouldn’t be a lesser thought.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and YPITData for the service that I received as a Carleton University faculty member in preparing my CCV.

Your highly professional performance and helpful assistance in preparing my CCV is greatly appreciated, and I will certainly recommend your services to my other colleagues across the University and in other institutions.

Dr. Fred Afagh

Professor, Carleton University - Engineering

This looks great. Thanks for all the work of your team on this document.

Associate Dean Research, University of British Columbia

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