Startups & Small Businesses

Running a business or startup is a challenge. There are always so many demands for your time and never enough time in the day to do it all. Getting over the hurdle of generating enough work to bring revenue in is one thing, but deciding to hire people to grow larger is tough. You never know if the person will work out and if the work will be there. Then there is the commitment of paying salaries and managing people, it all just seems daunting.

How do you focus on sales & marketing … operations … research … finance … managing staff … and keeping everything up to date? Companies turn to YPITData because we are … a thousand hands when you need one!

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Get the Help You Need When Needed!

Skilled Resources

Our staff are active in both technical and non-scientific fields, from engineering and computer science through to communications and political science. We build customized teams with the required knowledge and skills to tackle our client’s demanding projects.

No Hiring or HR Headaches!

No need to advertise positions, interview and hire all for a short project you have. You know that costs both time and money. We’ll create the team from our talent pool and when your project is done, nothing left to do but carrying on running your business.

Quick Team Mobilization

Sometimes you need help right now. We have been known to get a call in the morning and have a team of 20 staff working on a project delivering results by the afternoon. Once we understand your project and the results you are looking for, our project managers quickly mobilize a team, organize training and prep the team for completing the work at hand.

No Long-Term Commitments

Just need a helping hand for a few days or to help push through a project to completion? That’s what we are here for. Simply purchase a block of hours or contact us for a customized solution, and that’s it.

Helping clients with … a thousand hands when they need one!

BrightFish Learning

Helping to manage content, record audio voice overs and QA testing


Helping to upload and manage content, and QA testing support

Middle Atlantic

Data extraction to help analyze how to optimize company shipping costs

Text2 Systems

Populating a content management system for client projects

Client Case Studies

BrightFish Learning Case Study

Startup and Small Business Services

Data Entry Services

Online Research Support Services

Digitization Services

Audio and Video Transcription

UX and QA Software Testing

Web Content Management Support


Anything of Interest?

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We understand that each client has different requirements and each project is a little different. We are always happy to create customized packages for businesses to best serve their needs, so please contact us.