The other week, Chris Bailey watched 70 hours of TED talks. TED talks are given by inspirational leaders in the fields of Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED). Covering a range of topics and with speakers from all walks of life, experiencing TED Talks can really help open your eyes to looking at issues or topics in a new light. If you’re someone like us and don’t have 70 hours to burn, you’ll be thankful he’s given us the quick and dirty on the best about innovative thinking, motivation, productivity and why you should really sweat the small stuff if you want to be successful!


1. Studies have shown that what motivates a person the most (in non-factory-type work) is how much autonomy, mastery, and purpose they have, not how much money they make.

2. A lot of people aspire to be productive so they can become happier, but happiness has been shown to lead to productivity, not the other way around.

3. You don’t have as much attention to give to the world around you as you think. You can’t recall memories while processing new data, you can only process so much information at once, and your attention is easily manipulated (like by magicians).

4. Innovative thinking is often a slow and gradual process, not a moment of instant, lightbulb-like inspiration.

5. If you want people to remember you, sweat the small stuff. Most companies (and people) do the big stuff right, so sweating the small stuff (like getting the user interfaces on your products right) can really set you apart.

6. You have three brain systems for love: lust, romantic love, and attachment. To develop more intimate relationships with your significant other, it’s important to invest in all three.

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