ampersand updates the list with help from YPITData

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Industry Background

Print advertising has been used by businesses and organizations as a means to get their message out since the early days of the printing press. Whether it is posters, street-side flyers handouts or direct mail, getting material into the hands of the end user still shows significant benefits to response rates, even in this new digital world with email, social media and websites. Enabling very targeted delivery to specific users either geographically, by type or industry, direct mail gets the message in the hands of those who matter most to the marketer.

The Challenge

Direct mail does incur small incremental costs from the printing and mailing of material, so optimizing the list of recipients is critical to keeping costs low. This is especially true for “return to sender” mail that gets redelivered as a result of people/company having moved, addresses not being valid or recipients indicating a desire to be removed from the mailing list. When hundreds or thousands of such items are redelivered, how does one go about best updating the records?

Typical Alternatives

Agencies and businesses often must consider a few options:

  • Building in the cost of “rejects” into their budget is often used by occasional direct mail programs.
  • Allocating existing staff to transcribe addressees contact information remove names from lists, thus distracting staff from regular duties.

The YPITData Solution

Using our unique service model, YPITData was able to receive delivery of all the “return to sender” material on a Friday afternoon and deliver a complete Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing the necessary data for ampersand staff to cull and update the list of addressees on Monday morning.


Now that’s what you call using your weekend to the fullest!