BrightFish Learning growing with help from YPITData

BrightFish Learning is a startup readying for the launch of an innovative platform that helps students improve their reading and arithmetic skills. Led by an experienced group of executives, BrightFish believes that all students can learn if given the opportunity given the right technical resources. By translating best practices into solutions that can be accessible anywhere, anytime on any device, BrightFish solutions are all about providing learning opportunities to kids in the classroom and beyond. For more info visit

Industry Background

More than one-third of students struggle with reading and math. With performance of schools a top priority for governments in Canada and the U.S, digital tools are increasingly becoming part of the learning experience. These tools provide an individualized learning environment while giving educators access to more data to help students achieve their goals.

The Challenge

Startups and entrepreneurs are restricted by time and resources. Hiring new staff to support the growth of the business is not a guarantee to success, and it comes with its own set of challenges and costs. The effort to onboard new staff and manage them, and the opportunity cost from not focusing on growing the business are only some of the risks. So how does a small business stay focused on sales, marketing and IP development, yet manage all of the tactical details to ensure customer readiness?

Typical Alternatives for Startups

Most startups and small business owners either:

  • Try to take on the effort themselves, slowing progress and expending time and energy which is not the most cost-effective or productive for the health of the business.
  • Bring on full-time staff members which come with long-term commitments businesses prefer to avoid and must hope that the selected candidate will work out.
  • Hire a group of part-time staff means a lot of extra time managing and chasing individuals who have other priorities than the success of the business.