bv02 gets a helping hand from YPITData

A Canadian-based Digital Creative Agency with staff located across the country, bv02 provides clients with a range of services from strategy and digital marketing to the development of web and mobile platforms to connect clients with their user base. Whether they are looking for Drupal, WordPress, sitecore or looking for crowdfunding expertise, bv02 provides the needed expertise to meet the challenges of today’s digital world. For more info visit

Industry Background

When developing digital content and platforms for clients, the work required by creative agencies extends from hosting meetings and workshops to determine the needs and requirements of a client, to the creation of the digital platform, populating and managing the content, all the way through to the testing and quality assurance effort that the end-product meets the needs of the client.

The Challenge

Skilled resources are expensive, so maximizing efficiency within a company is paramount to delivering projects on-time and on-budget. But each project also involves administrative and basic digital tasks that must be completed. Transcribing audio recordings from work group sessions, populating content into various web content management systems (CMSs) and undertaking quality assurance (QA) testing to verify that the product works and looks as expected, are all tasks for which using project managers and software developers are cost prohibitive. So how does one complete these high-intensity and short-term tasks within an organization focused on the skilled and detailed project efforts?

Typical Alternatives

Companies often look to existing staff to chip in a few extra hours or take on tasks to “just get the job done”. Content management, project documentation and QA testing efforts aren’t continuous, so staffing teams to focus on these efforts doesn’t make sense and bringing in temporary staff requires training and oversight to ensure a quality product.