Local charity gets quick support from YPITData

Charitable organizations across the world are regularly working to help those in need through the tireless work from volunteers and staff, and the thankful donations and support from the public. Regular engagement with donors and supporters is what’s required to ensure that donations keep flowing so that help can continue to be given.

Industry Background

In Canada, there are over 86,000 registered charities that work to help individuals and communities both at home and abroad. Varying in size, scope and capacity, charities often rely on the help of volunteers to keep administrative costs low. But operating on lean budgets can also mean vulnerabilities to the organization can creep in, especially where our reliance on digital information is growing.

The Challenge

A local charity came to YPITData with a problem. With tax-season approaching and the deadline for making contributions close-at-hand, they had just suffered a computer failure that wiped out there list of donors, contact information and the details of their charitable donations. With a staff of two and thousands of donors, regenerating a complete list in time was going to be impossible. Without the ability to organize, hire, manage and provide the tools needed to re-create the donor list, how could tax receipts and future marketing information get into the hands of donors?

Typical Alternatives

In most cases, organizations would struggle with existing staff and a few volunteers to transcribe content. Without the proper tools to manage and control the new data created, errors would occur and timelines would slip.