City of Kitchener building plans with YPITData

About 100km west of Toronto, the City of Kitchener sits in the center of a growing hub of innovation. With established companies such as Google™ and Blackberry™ nearby, new high-tech, health care and digital media companies are streaming into the area. As more companies flock to the region, the demands on City infrastructure and services has increased. A mix of heritage and new buildings, the redevelopment of the City is stretching engineering and inspection staff to be more efficient. For more info visit

Industry Background

When a property owner or construction company undertakes the construction of a new or renovation of an existing building, they are required to submit engineering drawings and other documentation for review by City engineers. These submitted drawings are used to document deficiencies or adjustments required before construction can take place, as well as become the official City record used by City field inspection staff to verify that the completed building will meet all building codes and safety requirements.

The Challenge

The documents used by field staff are large and unwielding. Jobsites are not kind to paper being outdoors, in a dirt environment and constantly unfurled, so the risk to damage or loss of official City records is great and not acceptable. However, city inspection staff need access to the reviewed drawings to identify areas of concern from the engineers. So how does one go about safeguarding the official records while providing access to all the staff that would need to view those records?

Typical Alternatives

With thousands of buildings across the city, the effort to store a large number of boxes, manage their storage and track who has ‘checked out’ these large format drawings is significant.

  • The cost of copying thousands of large format 36in-by-48in colour drawings would be very expensive and not a viable option.
  • The other alternative is the status quo of continuing to checkout drawings and bringing the originals onsite.