iPolitics launches new site with help from YPITData

As the pre-eminent source for those interested and needing to follow politics in Canada, iPolitics publishes content everyday, throughout the day about everything in Canadian politics. Whether is it cutting-edge coverage about policy and the business of government, or opinions and commentary, iPolitics is whom people turn to. You’ll often find their columnists and editors showing up as guests on news programs and roundtables to discuss the on-goings and impact of political decisions on the lives of Canadians and businesses, assisted by great journalists, researchers and support staff. For more info visit www.ipolitics.ca

Industry Background

The marketplace is changing as people and content move online, thus changing the business models related to viewership and advertising that has kept the industry going since the days of the printing press. But one truth still holds, information and content is at the heart of any media organization. Generating valuable, insightful and usable content that draws viewers and readers back.

The Challenge

With the 2015 Canadian election stirring up many changes in the House of Commons, iPolitics saw an opportunity to solidify its position as a leader in Canadian politics by launching a new website called the Green Chamber Guide. It would become the place for anyone looking for details and news about the MPs, their interests and insights that weren’t readily available elsewhere. With 338 MPs to research and document the needed details, how does one go about getting the support staff to do the research that while continuing to run a news organization?


Typical Alternatives

  • Asking existing staff to carve out time to help out is often the solution. But is having journalists and editors spending time the most effective use of resources?
  • Alternatively, some companies try to hire, train and manage temporary staff to take on the work. Results are often mixed and disappointing due to poor staff selection, unavailable resources and challenges in managing a team focused on these parallel efforts.