Middle Atlantic Products gains shipping insight with help from YPITData

Since January 1999, Middle Atlantic Canada has been servicing the Rack & Enclosure industry with state-of-the-art steel enclosure systems. Offering products used in a wide range of applications, including structured cabling, premise wiring, security, broadcast, commercial audio video installation and post production markets, Middle Atlantic is a world-leading manufacturer. Using application-driven engineering into every system that is designed, the products meet the individualized requirements of each installation and the stringent requirements of the industries they serve. For more info visit www.middleatlantic.ca

Industry Background

After a client orders new products, delivering the goods to their destination takes planning and insight to ensure it is done effectively and cost-efficiently. When these products range from large and heavy items such as racks, enclosures and furniture, all the way to small items such as cables, connectors and power units, the choices for how to best deliver them becomes even more complex. Residential or commercial locations, availability of loading docks, size and weight factors, and other freight delivery charges all impact the bottom line for a business. When you are shipping hundreds of tonnes of goods each month, the effect is even larger.

The Challenge

Each carrier used by Middle Atlantic Products provides a detailed invoice outlining the charges incurred for each shipment. While a grand total spent each month getting products to customers makes paying the bill easy, there is no insight provided regarding the breakdown of the charges. Are certain customers causing more lift gate charges to be incurred? Ordering frequently in small quantities that could show savings from aggregating packages? Are particular areas costing more to deliver and would the company benefit from establishing regional hubs? With questions like those in hand, how does one go about mining thousands of invoices from different carriers to evaluate a company’s shipping costs?

Typical Alternatives

Company staff have existing responsibilities and are not waiting around to take on one-off projects, so managers have a decision to make. They either:

  • Divert someone’s full efforts to this task and over several weeks, complete the data entry effort while neglecting their other responsibilities.
  • Find staff willing to chip in when available and spread the workload over several months, meanwhile costing the company additional shipping costs.
  • Hire temporary staff, spending time to manage and monitor their progress to ensure the work is completed thoroughly and in a timely manner.