Text2™ Visit gets boost from YPITData

Text2™ Visit is a mobile communications solution that provides communities and local businesses a new promotional framework by data migration into the digital space. Supporting smartphones, Text2™ Visit enables small communities and their local businesses to proactively reach out and draw the attention of tourists, transient travellers and local residents using ʻgeo-fenceʼ technology and the text message short-code ʻVISITʼ (84748). Once registered, businesses or communities can communicate with potential customers and visitors. For more info visit www.text2visit.com

Industry Background

Communities and regions have much to offer both residents and tourists alike. Whether it is local festivals, historical attractions, boutiques and local craft stores, scenic locations or so much more, people must know about all there is to do in order to take advantage of what the community or region has to offer. With a wealth of knowledge and information potentially available, harnessing that content is vital to the success of any campaign.

The Challenge

Communities are stretched for time and resources to support new initiatives and small businesses and startups like Text2™ Visit have limited staffing to help migrate and manage this disparate content into web and mobile apps. So how does a company with three employees help ensure their clients are able to get the quality of service they need?

Typical Alternatives

Given the hundreds of files and locations to document for each community, the effort to populate the content management system for each client given the available resources is daunting and timelines significantly impacted.

  • Hiring a few temporary employees would require time to hire and train the individuals, which would become very expensive and not a sustainable option every time new clients are secured.
  • Telling the client that the work will be completed as soon as you have time is not a viable option.