TRICO unlocks customer feedback with help from YPITData

With over 30 years of experience as a printer and direct mail company, TRICO evolution is a full service, multi-channel communications and marketing intelligence company based in Ottawa, Canada. TRICO evolution offers in-house support for all major deployment channels: direct mail; surveys; electronic direct mail; personalized URL’s; micro-sites and social media. TRICO evolution works with large private sector clients, associations, foundations and not-for profits, in targeting the best strategies for effective campaigns. For more info visit

Industry Background

Communicating and marketing has increasingly moved to online tools as a means to lower costs, however, paper-based or direct-mail communications continues to receive a solid response rate from targeted individuals often beating electronic communications. When the nature of the content being communicated and expected back is personal, the hesitation to share such information online versus in an enclosed envelope can push an organization to use paper-based survey techniques to maximize the responses received.

The Challenge

A large health insurance program provider solicited feedback from customers about their experience and satisfaction of the service received as part of an annual evaluation effort. Over 12,000 customers were sent a four-page survey and it seems like everyone had an opinion as nearly 7,000 surveys were returned. With two weeks to deliver the tabulated results to the client, the corporate staff would not be able to process a fraction of that volume of work and it would take days to ramp up, hire and setup dozens of temporary staff with equipment to help meaning blown deadlines.

Typical Alternatives

  • Divide up the piles of surveys and have project managers and other staff around the office spend days retyping the content into spreadsheets and then combining all the files which is detrimental to our operations and leave staff unhappy.
  • The other alternative has been to just let clients take on the laborious task of processing the paper surveys themselves.