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The digital age hasn’t been kind to businesses, as more and more data is being produced annually. The need to enter, process, update and manage this information requires both time and effort, leading to more money spent to handle this data. That’s where a great data entry service can help improve your operation! Whether this comes from paper surveys or feedback forms sent to your offices for processing or customer mailing lists that require updating, your internal staff could be doing more skilled tasks that help make your business money.

At YPITData, our data entry service maximizes our talented staff who are extremely comfortable with the skills needed to update spreadsheets, databases and other types of lists. Our capability to apply a single resource or a dozen to help complete a task within a given timeframe helps businesses that encounter a time crunch for getting work done. The work stays in-country and protects your customers and clients from having their information sent overseas and potentially compromised. Turn your data into information and analyze your business operations with a full picture of the situation.

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Data Entry Service Project Examples

Counting Beans?

Imagine annually processing a few hundred four-page long surveys mailed back for a client when suddenly, it seems like everyone has an opinion and you receive nearly 7,000 of them. Plus, you have just over two weeks to deliver the tabulated results to the client. That’s what happened to one provider. After a quick call to YPITData, we kicked our data entry service into high gear and the next day dozens of staff were quickly compiling the results. Completed in 14 days and on-budget. It’s just that’s easy for YPITData to help you and your clients!

No Politics Here!

Keeping in touch and feeling the pulse of electorate is vital to those in the battle of politics. But how can you know what’s on the mind of your constituents, their interests and concerns without reaching out by all means necessary. Having them go online or through a mobile device to fill a survey can work, yet that moment of attention with a mailer in hand can result in a few quick check marks and the card back on its way to you.

To extract the desired data that flows back, our data entry service is able to quickly turn around any large volume order and provide the results in a range of formats for your analysis. YPITData is also able to handle the processing of on-going and one-off mailings as required.

Return to Sender

Wasting money sending out mailers that recipients discard or send back doesn’t help give clients the feeling that you are looking out for their best interests or pocketbook. Tracking the mail sent back and updating mailing lists can prove valuable and amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings for the client. Using our data entry service, the received mail items can be quickly compiled and enable you to remove the recipients from future mailings.

Let YPITData help in documenting the information necessary to properly maintain these lists. We’ve handled thousands of mailers for organizations and captured available parts of the address block.

I look forward to building a solid relationship with YPITData. It was easy to get YPITData engaged and thousands of records were completed on-time and on-budget. We were very pleased with the service and quality of the work!

Vice-President, Direct Mail Company

Client Case Study

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Each project and survey size is a little different. Please contact us so that we can provide you with the most competitive pricing available. We are always happy to create customized packages for businesses to best serve their needs.

We work with you to define the digital task and then deliver the results!