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While computers have become commonplace across all industries over the last 20 years, there exists a tremendous inventory of paper records being stored in warehouses, offices, church basements and storage containers across the country at significant costs. Without the scanning and digital filing of these documents, records are lost or forgotten, information is unavailable for quick search by employees or researchers, and historical facts are hidden away.

YPITData offers a range of scanning services to help businesses get out from under the clutter of banker boxes. We can help you save the annual expense of storing files and the cost of resources searching for old records. Our staff can help you digitize old files, catalogue and tag each document with keywords necessary to quickly search for the digital copy of files from the comfort of your desk.

Preserving documents and other material of historical significance has carried on over the ages as a means to pass on to the next generation a sense of where we, as a people, have come from. From scrolls to microfiche, archivist have worked hard to keep a piece of our past alive, although often these items have been stored away from public eye due to their fragility. However, it has been the gains in technology over the past number of years that have allowed better photography, increased storage capacity and the ability to share the imagery over the Internet that can open up these archives for the world to see.

YPITData offers a range of scanning services that can assist governments, archival agencies and libraries to catalogue, transcribe and tag each document with keywords necessary to increase the value of each digital image.

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Dirty, old archive boxes

Save time and money by digitizing!

Searching high and low

With so much paper around, it is easy to accidentally file something in the wrong place. The typical employee spends 30 minutes a day searching for records and documents needed to complete their daily tasks. If one needs to leave their desk to locate something from a filing cabinet or, worse yet, a storage room elsewhere in the building, it is easy to imagine staff spending 4 minutes an hour looking for that elusive piece of paper. When added up, that’s more than 100 hours a year of lost productivity and over $2000 per employee that your company will never get back. YPITData scanning services can help you recover this lost productivity and optimize your business’s operations.

Security and loss protection

Data security and protection of information plays a role in any business. Access controls, security badges and even cameras can provide some level of protection for a business. But are human resource records, drug and alcohol tests of drivers or other sensitive information stored in secured file cabinets and desks/offices free from prying eyes? System administrators can control which directories and files that each network user can access and system logs can track what users actually access, thus providing an additional layer of protection to business owners.

And there is also the problem that paper burns and gets damaged when wet. Suffering a flood or fire can result in a catastrophic loss to your business from which most businesses don’t survive. You can’t have duplicate copies of all your paper records stored offsite, but an offsite digital copy of everything can provide significant peace of mind to a business owner. All of that security can be maintained by a hard drive that fits in the palm of your hand. Through the scanning services offered by YPITData, the burden and effort to quickly move from a paper-based to digital operation can be achieved.

Save time and money

Does your business pass around files from one person or department to another for processing, approval and payment of an invoice or other record? Do multiple departments need some of the same paperwork to do their job and therefore make copies of that same piece of paper?

A study by PriceWaterhouse had several paralegals search through 10,000 paper documents to locate records by one author on one topic, which took 67 hours of labour to locate 15 documents. Using a document management system, 20 documents were found within 4.5 seconds. By using scanning services similar to those offered by YPITData, everything you need could be simply a few keystrokes away!

Paying Attention to the little stuff

While it is important to take care of the “big stuff”, sometimes significant savings can be found by counting the beans. Paper, staples, printers & toner, fax phone charges
, envelopes, filing cabinets 
& supplies are just some of the items that add up to higher expenses from operating in the paper world. One recent project saw over 250,000 staples used to hold 100,000 files together, which is easy to imagine when pages are incrementally stapled to one another.

Improve Legal Office Efficiency

Paper records are found throughout the legal industry and attorneys generate tens of thousands of sheets annually. An estimated $900 a year is spent simply maintaining a standard legal filing cabinet. For those firms that have embraced a digital work environment, significant savings have been found purely from the maintenance of existing records.

As soon as staff need to retrieve documents, that’s where savings grow exponentially. And in cases where discovery documents are exchanged, a great number of hours are wasted each year searching through and trying to locate files, documents or case information. Imagine having all the records at your fingertips, tagged and searchable, so you could instantly find anything related to a clause, person or keyword. Furthermore, imaging that you could retrieve them while sitting at your desk, from the courthouse or working from home.

That’s what going digital can offer your firm. Contact YPITData for all your scanning services needs.

Scanning Services Client Case Study

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The ability to get all my client files digitized and backed up quickly and securely was a great relief. No longer do I need to worry about where I will store the files or paying for that privilege.

Retired Tax Attorney

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