UX and QA Software Testing

Have you developed a mobile app or other application but aren’t sure how to fully test it across multiple platforms and operating systems? Perhaps you have to migrate or populate your application or web content management tool with large volumes of information, but don’t have the time or resources to do it cost-effectively. Or maybe you are interested in getting valuable feedback from a cohort of users and consumers of technology?

These are just some of the reasons companies come to YPITData. We offer a range of services to help businesses plan, test and validate their products.

Project Examples

An Extra Set of Eyes

A web development company was looking to launch a website for a nearby university on a new platform in a few days. Their in-house Quality Assurance person was swamped with work. No migration is ever seamless, so they thought that bringing in a few extra set of eyes to ensure things were flawless would help. YPITData quickly organized a team to review and document any user experience (UX) and content issues that appeared on the new site. Dozens of issues were logged into the company’s issue tracking system within 24 hours, allowing the university to get a great looking site that yielded the results they were looking for.

An Extension To The Team

BrightFish Learning was in the process of developing an e-Learning platform to help kids in Grade 1 to 10 improve their reading skills. To be successful, content needed to be input into the platform. With a workload that would vary over time, BrightFish turned to YPITData to create a team dedicated to supporting the content upload on-demand. As YPITData began that effort, BrightFish immediately began to recognize benefits of having a managed group of staff available on-demand to be able to complete specific tasks. Since then, teams have been created that focus on recording audio content to support the text interface and testing the platform.

Improving Staff Resource Management

When a leading digital creative company was looking at how their software developers were spending their time, they noticed a trend. Good software developers are expensive and yet a good percentage of their time was being spent migrating or uploading content into hundreds of webpages each week. That hurts competitiveness, profit margins and staff retention … software developers like to create, not manage content. So they came to YPITData to see if a dedicated team could be created to help them complete projects on-demand. We said “Yes!” and with multiple projects completed, project managers now just call upon the resources at YPITData as required.

Graphic and Web Design

There are many talented young people who can quickly and easily pull together a website for your new small business. And when it comes to developing interesting hand drawings, graphics on the computer, or even composing a musical theme for a video, it is hard to compete with the skills of today’s youth. We can’t be great at everything!

At YP-IT, some of talented youth are interested in pursuing careers in the arts they love. Whether you are looking for graphic or web design help, give yourself the chance to focus on the skills and tasks most important for you to market and sell your services or products, and leave it to the tough stuff to the experts.

YPITData was key to the successful delivery of the BrightFish Reading platform. Their flexibility to quickly scale to seamlessly manage and digitize our extensive Reading library was critical. They are an invaluable partner.

Ravi Ramsaran

CTO, BrightFish Learning

Helping clients with … a thousand hands when they need one!

BrightFish Learning

Helping to manage content, record audio voice overs and QA testing


Helping to upload and manage content, and QA testing support

Text2 Systems

Populating a content management system for client projects

Client Case Studies

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