Tech Services

Running a business or startup is a challenge. There are always so many demands for your time and never enough time in the day to do it all. Getting over the hurdle of generating enough work to bring revenue in is one thing, but deciding to hire people to grow larger is tough. You never know if the person will work out and if the work will be there. Then there is the commitment of paying salaries and managing people, it all just seems daunting.
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Data Entry & Transcription

At YPITData, our talented staff are extremely comfortable with typing and the data entry skills needed to transcribe content, update spreadsheets, databases and other types of lists. Our capability to apply a single resource or a dozen to help complete a task within a given timeframe helps businesses that encounter a time crunch for getting work done. The work stays in-country and protects your customers and clients from having their information sent overseas and potentially compromised. Turn your data into information and analyze your business operations with a full picture of the situation.
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YPITData offers a range of services that can assist governments, archival agencies and libraries to catalogue, transcribe and tag each document with keywords necessary to increase the value of each digital image.
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Canadian Common CV

The MyCCVTM Shop provides academics and researchers with a easy way to order the MyCCVTM package. We are pleased to offer a range of packages and pricing to reflect the range of experience that our clients bring and is reflected in their extensive CVs. Please select from the early career package (0-5 years experience), mid-career (5-10 years) and tenured / executive career (10+ years) from the options below.
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