Completing surveys and mailback formsWe all love to get feedback. Surveys are a good way to measure interest in what we’re doing. A large international insurance firm planned to have surveys mailed out to users to better understand how things were going. A market research and intelligence company was all set to analyze the data. But instead of the few hundred surveys expected, thousands started rolling in each day.

YPITData Powers Through Surveys

A request for support was received by YPITData on a Thursday afternoon. By Friday morning the infrastructure needed to begin work was ready and a team assembled to get started. Just knowing that work had already started on the surveys brought relief to our client. The project manager was comfortable in the fact that work would be done long before the required deadline. The talented YPITData workforce were able to quickly process over 340,000 survey responses in under 10 days.

While some content were in checkboxes, a number of questions offered handwritten answers to respondents. When you ask for someone’s opinion on a topic they wish to talk about, those survey answers can get quite long. Each answer needed to be fully transcribed and the surveys came in both English and French. Staff were capable of understanding the content they were transcribing.

Creating Happy Clients

“It is a proud moment when you see the dedication and level of responsibility that our staff took on to make sure that whatever work they committed to, they were able to complete the job on-time, with outstanding accuracy and level of professionalism that was top-notch”, said Omar Choudhry, President of YPITData. “Our client was pleased with the quality of service and capabilities of our employees, and we continue to discuss additional work for YPITData.”

If you have volumes of data or surveys to be processed, we can help free yourself from all that work. With teams ready to be mobilized, YPITData is more efficient and less costly than trying to do it yourself! Please contact us for more information or when you are in need of some helping hands.

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