The challenges of youth unemployment are in the headlines regularly and today’s opinion piece by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne only highlights the challenge. Across Ontario, 16.4 percent of youth are unemployed and in Toronto, the rate is an even higher 18.2 percent, the Premier stated. The numbers highlight the challenges that businesses will begin to face as entry-level employees are not sufficiently receiving the early stage training and skills needed, and the impact this will have in the future success of Canadian businesses. In the 1990s, what became known as “the brain drain”, Canada saw thousands of its best and brightest relocate to the United States to start their careers when opportunities at home didn’t exist.

“To address this very real issue and the drag it is having on Ontario’s economy, we have to stop trading in myths about what is holding our young people back. The challenges this generation faces are not the result of entitlement or laziness. If we really want to help young people find jobs, we have to provide practical tools that will help them navigate the realities of today’s workforce.”

Omar Choudhry, President at YPITData, couldn’t agree more. “That’s why we are working to help young people gain the skills and confidence needed to succeed in today’s workforce by building them up at an early age through a combination of practical work experience, life skills training, financial incentives and a supporting environment that ensures they can grow into the leaders of tomorrow.”

One thing that isn’t truly recognized about today’s young people is the incredible underlying talent that exists and simply needs to be nurtured to take advantage of it. The Canadian economy could see significant growth and optimization by harnessing the technological comfort and capabilities of university students and soon to be graduates.

In a recent interview with Patti Lovett-Reid on CTV’s Canada AM, she spoke about how to ace a job interview. The first job you get isn’t likely your last job… The key to finding your ideal job all begins with getting to know yourself and finding your passion.

YPITData’s President, Omar Choudhry, agrees. “Allowing an individual the early opportunity to discover a passion, utilize strengths, and save towards further education is what we bring to the table for our youth employees. Couple this with practical work experience and you’ve got the combination that will allow our youth employees to compete against skilled candidates in the marketplace moving forward.”

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